Building Digital European School is a collaborative work project between teams assigned by each school in which both teachers and students of Secondary Education will participate.

The project is the output of that, which is to say, the creation of a useful and powerful tool to establish a total digital process at an educational level in order to help schools across Europe to achieve the future: global digitisation. Based on the experiences and research of five schools with a wide range of digital profiles, we want to write a manual in which to reflect the processes and steps necessary to follow to achieve digitisation in all its scopes.

Under the coordination of PJO, five other European schools are part of the project: PHILIPPINE DUCHESNE, in Grenoble, France; LICEO CLASSICO STATALE GIULIO PERTICARI, in Senigallia, Italy; HARJURINTEEN KOULU, in Loviisa, Finland; ZS A GYMNAZIUM S VJM, in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Regarding the students, we want them to learn to live with young people from other countries and experience their cultures first-hand, growing at the same time in maturity, tolerance and respect. Teamwork is another goal being pursued. In the same way, we want them to responsibly learn to use new technologies, both in recreational and pedagogical aspects. Transversally, another one of the purposes is the use of English as a vehicular language for the development of linguistic competence that is part of European curricular contents.

These same objectives can be applied to teaching, as teachers also learn to work and live with other professionals from schools, cultures and environments that are different from their own, thus allowing them to improve their teaching.

Fourth and fifth day in Grenoble

Fourth and fifth day in Grenoble: After a big Matrix-themed party at the school the night before, the students play…

Second and third day in Grenoble

Second and third day in Grenoble: we visit the city and go up by cable car to the Bastille. Sports session at school…

First meeting of students of the Erasmus+ Building European Digital Schools project

First meeting of students of the Erasmus+ Building European Digital Schools project at the Philippine Duchesne de La…

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