Fourth and fifth day in Grenoble

Fourth and fifth day in Grenoble: After a big Matrix-themed party at the school the night before, the students play games and digital activities. Picnic in the gardens of the castle of Vizille with a visit to the museum of the French Revolution.

Second and third day in Grenoble

Second and third day in Grenoble: we visit the city and go up by cable car to the Bastille. Sports session at school for the students and the teachers continue working on the guide. #buildingdigitalschools #erasmusplus

First meeting of students of the Erasmus+ Building European Digital Schools project

First meeting of students of the Erasmus+ Building European Digital Schools project at the Philippine Duchesne de La Tronche center in Grenoble, France, from 21st to 25th March.

We finally managed to hold a student meeting after two years. Delighted to see our colleagues from Bratislava, Sennigallia and Loviisa under the warm French hospitality.

Multinational Etwinning meeting

We celebrate Erasmus+ days with a multinational etwinning meeting with the students of the Building Digital European Schools project: teach and learn, learning new expressions in different languages.

Loviisa Training Meeting

Last week we went to a training meeting in Loviisa, Finland on DigCompEdu, the European Framework for the digital competence of educators.


The role of SELFIE in the Erasmus+ project “Building Digital European Schools through Creative, Collaborative and Efficient Practices”

We continue working

We continue to work telematically with our European partners, Erasmus+, “Building Digital European Schools Through Creative, Collaborative and Efficient Practices”.

Presentation of the team

This is the presentation of the team of students and teachers which we have made so that our partners can get to know us through eTwinning

Telematic meetings continue

We continue telematic meetings with our European partners to make progress on our Erasmus+ project Building Digital European School

These are the students participating in the project

The group of students that will make up the Erasmus+ project “Building Digital European School” has already been established. From now on, joint meetings to work with partners on the project will begin.

First in-person meeting

First in-person meeting after confinement, we continue working on the Erasmus+ project, but always respecting the relevant security measures.